The materials from the Hokkaido University for the AINU ashes restoration


No. materialauthoryearpagesoutline
1 Ledger of AINU bones38Printout of EXCELL files. Categorized by areas, and recorded places, sexes, and etc. by personal. Includes 1128 people. See other material No. 26.
2 managing cards155Hand writing. Named "gloves", "grave-pod", etc. with numbering and place name."
3 Hokkaido National University year book1932-19336
4 Notes8
5 Notes168
6 Collection diary of the museum belongs to the college of agriculture in Sapporo11
7 The numbers and addresses of grave goods (collected by digging)manager of the faculty of medicineFeb.24.19811Hand writing. Maybe the memo for the material NO. 8
8 Grave goods of AINU1Hand writing. Recorded 14 kinds of 765 goods; swords, TASHIRO, MAREP, for example. Categorized in place; Yakuomo, Otoshibe, Oshamanbe, and Urahoro.
9 Note about the letter from AINUHokkaido UniversityDec.16.19802
10 LetterHiroshi KAIBASAWADec.27.19805Mr. KAIBASAWA is a AINU bereaved family. He said "I never allow Prof. KODAMA bringing away ashes of 1,500 AINU people without permission of the families" in this letter."
11 Note about the letter from AINUHokkaido UniversityDec.23.19802
12 LetterHiroshi KAIBASAWADec.12.19802Mr. KAIBASAWA is a AINU bereaved family. He required some responses of his protests again in this letter.
13 Note about the letter from AINU Hokkaido UniversityDec.25.19802
14 LetterKazunari IMAMURA, president of Hokkaido UniversityDec.25.19801Type-writing. Response to Mr. KAIBASAWA. He said "We are not able to finish the investigation in short time because of late Prof. KODAMA had already died. We heard that the ethnic materials now owned by Prof. KODAMA's children had been collected by Prof. KODAMA with his private money. And we are not managing those materials." in this letter."
15 Note about the response to AINUHokkaido UniversityJan.21.19822
16 LetterHiroshi KAIBASAWADec.21.19815Hand writing. Mr. KAIBASAWA is a AINU bereaved family. He asked 5 questions in this letter; "Why did you scientists need such plenty of 1,500 skulls of AINU people?", for example."
17 LetterHiroshi KAIBASAWAJan.10.19822Hand writing. "Please give back 4 bodies concerns with me soon."
18 LetterMikio ARIE, president of Hokkaido UniversityJan.21.1982 Type-writing. Response to Mr.KAIBASAWA. "Although I am president, but can not watch all researchers individual. Director of faculty of medicine is going to send you the answers later."
19 LetterHiroaki MIURA, Director of faculty if medicineFeb.3.19821Type-writing. "We have investigated materials well and heard details from the persons concerned, but we never expose illegality. We are not managing materials so-called KODAMA's Collections."
20 Letter Hiroshi KAIBASAWAFeb.2.19822Hand writing. Requesting answers of 11 questions; "Tell the names and testimonies of the persons concerned." for example."
21 BillFaculty of medicineJul.7.19835Titled "Construction for specimens garage of faculty of medicine". It said "We are keeping now bone specimens of about 1400 AINU people, for anthropological medical researching of AINU. However we faces problems of managing them, so we require to build new specimens garage." Now, they are using this "garage" as a charnel for AINU."
22 Materials concerned with AINU belong to in the Hokkaido University museumthe Hokkaido University museum4Printout of EXCELL files. Labeled with "human bone" etc.. 50 data."
23 List of AINU-DAMA in Yakumo TownMay 21.20081Printout of EXCELL files. "Note 'Yakumo AINU-DAMA 54 lines, 606 balls, male 2, female 52' , at the bottom of a small box ", etc."
24 Materials concerned with AINU belong to in the Hokkaido University museum, exported from the facalty of medicine for researching.1Photographs of AINU-DAMA in the box.
25 Labels, notes52,4Photographs of labels, notes and wooden boxes.
26 The ledger of AINU people bones gathered by digging 2nd Department of Anatomy32Hand writing. Categorized by areas, and recorded places, sexes, and etc. by personal. Includes 1041 people. Maybe the origin of the other material No. 1.
27 Numbers of AINU people bones gathered by diggingHand writing. Includes 964 people.
28 Investigation for AINU people bones gathered by digging
29 Table for the numbers of AINU people bones gathered by digging5Hand writing. The numbers of skulls are equally to other material No.27.
30 Table concern with AINU people bones; diggings, researches, and managementFaculty of medicine, Hokkaido University1Hand writing. Recorded the date of digging, numbers of bodies, and date of interments at each 9 areas. The total numbers of bodies are 726.
31 Reports of Department of Anatomy, Hokkaido National University8Table of papers on the magazines (1936-1960). Records titles and author's names of each 72 papers.
32 LetterShoichi TANAKA, manager of faculty of medicine, Hokkaido UniversityJun.2.19822Type-writing. Response to Mr. KAIBASAWA. "I am not able to admit giving you the information of the bones conditions except scientific purpose. Also we can not do any memorial services for ashes because the act prohibits public organization to be religious."
33 About the issue of Hokkaido UniversityGi-ichi NOMURA, executive director of the AINU association of HokkaidoJun.8.19821Hand writing. A letter to the president of Hokkaido University. "I hope you Hokkaido University to show us good faith in future. Also I hope you follow the necessary procedure for give back the ashes."
34 Note about the requests by executive director NOMURA of the AINU association of HokkaidoHokkaido UniversityJun.21.19822A note of the meeting between MR. NOMURA and the Hokkaido University office. Without any discussion.
35 LetterHiroshi KAIBASAWAJun.16.19823A letter to the manager of faculty of medicine. Hand writing. He said "I never allow you gathering human bodies without admission and prohibiting our memorial services for the ashes"."
36 List of skulls     2 Includes 59 human skulls.